Book Spiral – Seattle Central Library

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Book Spiral – Seattle Central Library
Image by brewbooks
"The Books Spiral is four floors of book stacks, connected by gentle ramps. The majority of the nonfiction collection — 75 percent of the entire collection — is located on the Books Spiral. This lets the nonfiction collection exist in one continuous run, and avoids the problem of having to move books into other rooms or floors as the collection expands. ….

floor mats throughout the Books Spiral are labeled with Dewey Decimal System numbers to help people find the items on each floor."


i100106 063

Clearance Books I bought at Half Price Books
Image by brewbooks
THis pile of books was , could not resist getting 12 interesting books for that price.
(Half Price Books, University District, Seattle, Washington)

I am convinced that all interesting books come to the clearance shelf if one is patient enough to wait.

Exploring the Night Sky with Binoculars by David Chandler, Billie Chandler, and Don Davis

The Evolution of the Airline Industry by Steven A. Morrison and Clifford Winston

Seven Ideas That Shook the Universe
by Nathan Spielberg and Bryon D. Anderson
1. Copernican approach to astronomy
2. Newtonian mechanics
3. Energy
4. Entropy
5. Theory of relativity
6. Quantum theory conservation
7. Principles of symmetries

A History of Western Philosophy, Vol. 5: The Twentieth Century to Wittgenstein and Sartre by W.T. Jones

The Autobiography of Martin Luther King

Wellsprings of Knowledge: Building and Sustaining the Sources of Innovation by Dorothy Leonard-Barton

Automatic Photoelectric Telescopes

The Origins of the Solar System edited by Stanley Dermott’s_law

Physical acoustics-principles and methods edited by Warren P. Mason Volume II, Part A, Properties of Gases, Liquids and Solutions

The Milky Way by Bok and Bok and

Birds of north America – Eliot Porter

Electric Guitars – The Illustrated Encyclopedia
i101208 048

Academic Book Stack
Image by phonono
This is my current Academic book stack. Much thicker than my home stack… but also much "drier".

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